What Is Social Media Marketing or SMM?

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Social Media Marketing or SMM
Social Media Marketing or SMM


Ten years ago, there is no meaning of social media for people’s but now social media becomes a part of people’s daily lives.

Social Media becomes the fastest growing trend in today’s day’s around the globe.

Social media is the way to share knowledge, thoughts, interactions, ideas, dating and also businesses run online surveys on social sites about products & services that they are offerings.

What is Social Media Marketing or SMM?

Social media marketing (SMM) is that form of marketing that uses social sites to promotes and market the organization’s products & services, gaining traffic on websites and blogs, brand awareness, interacts with customers to know about their preferences and also online surveys for market research.

To interact with customers and know about their preferences about what products & services they prefer to buy, the businesses use social media to connect with its customers which helps them to determine what are the needs of the market and what products are to be produced to fulfill those needs to satisfy them at fullest.

Social media gives directions to your business towards the world of online. It provides a way for business to build a strong and trustful relation with its existing customers and the new ones.

Organizations run digital marketing campaigns to promote and sell their products online in which social media channels play a very important role in showcase those products on social sites and customers can choose any of the products from those sites for the fulfillment of their needs and wants.

Social media channels are not only used to sell products & services but also use to connect with people, friends, and colleagues. In the past 10 years, social media becomes a popular platform to grow your business in a faster way. Social channels help newly startups to reach the maximum number of audiences i.e., existing and the new ones and engage with them for building up strong and trustful relations for the success of a brand.

There are various social media channels and platforms which are used to connect with peoples and also increase the sales of businesses. Social media channels include the following:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • YouTube

Those above social media platforms represent the low-cost tools that the marketers used to reach it’s existing and the new customers to grow their sales in a tremendous way which in turn helps those marketers to achieve its organizational goals and objectives.

How Do Social Media channels work for business?

Social Media channels change the way of doing business even if it is a small-scale business or a large-scale business.

Now, let me tell you, how different Social media channels work to enhancing the growth of businesses.


Facebook is a social media platform that is used by millions of marketers for marketing their products & services around the globe in the past 10 years. Digital marketers use Facebook to engage with their customers and understand their needs because Facebook is known to be the best platform to engage with users.

Marketers create a business page on Facebook for promoting their business with a goal to get the maximum number of new customers and engage with their existing ones.

When creating a business page on Facebook, the following points are to keep it in mind:

  • Mention all the details of your business: Include all your business details about what type of business you are doing and what products & services you are providing.
  • Include all your contact details, so that the user or a customer can contact you easily.
  • Upload a professional cover photo that suits your business and attract users on Facebook (Means photo would be an eye-catchy) and the name of the business would also be mentioned in the photo i.e., a logo or a name of the business.
  • To get the attention of maximum users and engage with those users, you need to update the page with informative content and use some vector gifs which look entertaining and also helps in enhancing the engagement with users.
  • Always update your users on-page about the latest upgrades and updates in your products & services.
  • Always responds to customers’ queries on your page which helps in building up a strong and trustful relationship between your business and your customers.
  • Always take feedback from your users whether they will find your products and services use or need any improvements. Also, ask then whether they find your posts on page entertaining or interesting.
  • Always encourage your users to Like, Share and Comment on your Facebook page, so that your page will reach maximum audiences.

So, Facebook provides a great way to market your brand which ultimately drives huge traffic on your online business and a huge audience aware of your brand which helps businesses to grow faster.

Also, the Facebook analytics provides you a full report about how many likes you have on your page, about comments, engagements, how many peoples reach on your page, when users are online, where they come from, how many organic and paid reach.

Facebook is a platform that allows businesses to understand their audiences and engage with them effectively. With the help of Facebook analytics, the marketers get an idea about what improvements they need to do and how to make content more engaging which ultimately gets more reach and engagements.


Instagram is a social media platform where user can share photos and videos which are originally created and capture by them.

Digital marketers use Instagram to connect with their target audiences and market their products & services that they are offerings.

Organizations create business accounts on Instagram to promote their brand, products & services they offering and also to connect and engage directly with their customers or users and get maximum reach.

Businesses create engaging posts for their Instagram profile which ultimately helps them to reach maximum users and enhanced their engagements.

Instagram provides the following benefits to businesses:

  • Increase in engagement: Businesses need to post good quality of posts and need to provide regular updates about their offerings on Instagram which helps them to engage with their users and customers on a regular basis.
    It provides some interesting and entertaining content which in turn they get a crazy level of reach and engagement with its users. Content like vector arts, illustrative animated gifs, and videos about business offerings attracts massive attention to users.
  • Connect with target audiences: By using proper hashtags relevant to your business, you will reach your target audiences effectively. It means, if you use hashtags related to your business then your reach will enhance and also you get a maximum number of qualified leads. Because hashtags allow businesses profiles to connect with relevant groups which ultimately get more traffic, more reach and also more engagements.
  • Get more traffic on your sites: As a business or a blogger, all you want to get high traffic on your blog or website. Instagram helps you to drive huge traffic on your blog or website. The posts you create for your Instagram profile should be linked to your website. So that, users can click on that post and the user will land directly on your blog or website.
  • Analytics/Insights: Instagram allows you to get analytics which is known as Insights to know about how much sales do you have, how much engagement your profile has, how much leads you to have, ROI, how much user reach to your account, impressions, where the audiences come from and much more. So, these insights help you to know where you need improvements and what content you need to provide for getting more reach and traffic on your sites.


LinkedIn is a social media platform whose purpose is to get a user to connect with professionals all around the globe.

This platform helps marketers to expand their network, find customers, brand awareness and also helps in the expansion of a business.

For B2B businesses, LinkedIn is a platform that is more effective to get qualified leads than Facebook and Twitter.

Businesses not only find customers or generating leads on LinkedIn but also they get established connections and build better relationships with professional corporates & profiles and also expand their professional network.

LinkedIn helps businesses in the following ways:

  • Allow connecting with professional corporates.
  • Getting qualified leads and customers.
  • Promoting content.
  • Brand awareness.
  • Convert LinkedIn users to new qualified leads.
  • Recruit professional employees on LinkedIn which ultimately helps businesses to grow.


Twitter is an online social networking site where people can tweet and communicate in short messages around 130 to 140 characters. Twitter is really a serious platform where the users should tweet a short, useful and interesting message with the audience who follow them.

For the success of the business, the marketers can create, publish and distribute content for their customers and other audiences on twitter which helps businesses to get maximum reach and get huge traffic on their sites.

Twitter can help businesses in the following ways:

  • Brand Awareness.
  • Generating qualified leads.
  • Customer Interactions.
  • Trusted and strong relationship.
  • Build up a community to share content for maximum reach and engagement.


For getting the huge attention of new users and engage with existing users, the video has a great power than any other kind of media.

In the last few years, YouTube has become the fastest-growing video-sharing platform, where users can create and publish videos to get more reach and attention.

For the growth of any business even if it is small or large, the marketers can create videos about those products, services and the content that they are offerings to its customers and users online.

For spreading awareness about their brands, the businesses start posting ads on YouTube which ultimately drive massive traffic on their sites because videos like animated gifs, illustrative videos, vector arts, etc. are a great way to attract the attention of users in a massive rate.

YouTube also provides analytics which provides a full report about:

  • How much is the engagement rate on YouTube Channel?
  • Conversion rate.
  • Return users.
  • What content become more searchable and much more.

Those above factors help marketers to understand what improvements need to do and what type of content are continuously need to publish to get the attention of users for the growth of the business.


Social media is a great way to engage with customers and also a great place to reach new and existing customers in a massive amount. Social media allows organizations to build a strong relationship with their customers & users and also engage with them on various social media platforms to determine what are their needs & wants and also provide those products and services that demanded by the customers.

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