Affiliate Marketing: An Explanative Guide for Beginners

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Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing

Here’s every step you need to know about Affiliate Marketing.

Want to earn Passive Income at Any time, From Anywhere, even while you’re sleeping?

I know what you’re thinking…

Is it possible? My answer is…Yes, this is possible.

Now, the question arises in your mind is – How is this possible?

The Concept behind is “Affiliate Marketing”.

Most people think that – What exactly the Affiliate marketing is and how they get started?

Let me explain to you everything step-by-step.

I’ve already discussed in brief about it earlier, but for now, I want to tell you everything that you need to know about- what affiliate marketing is all about, how it works, how to get started and every other aspect of it.

Let’s start…

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is the process of online marketing in which you as an affiliate, refer & promote the products of other people’s and E-commerce companies on your blog, website or through social media platforms.

If peoples will actually buy those products from your promotions, then you’ll earn a commission.

It is a great way to drive sales and generate revenue online.

The best part about affiliate marketing is that you don’t have to spend time & money to create products because someone has already done that.

You as an affiliate, just have to promote those products and start making money online. You can promote products on your blog, website, podcasts, YouTube channel and other social media platforms.

Simply, the affiliate search for products according to their interest, then promote those products on various online platforms and earn commission as a profit from each sale they made.

The affiliate marketers can track their sales via affiliate links from those websites where they joined an affiliate program.

Remember, the commission would vary from product to product. It depends on what product you are promoting.

In the world of digital marketing, E-commerce companies like Amazon, Flipkart, and many other companies run their affiliate program which is beneficial for both the brand and an affiliate.

Big brand companies can successfully sell their products through affiliates to increase their sales and the affiliates get a commission on every sale they made.


Affiliate Marketing is the process of marketing arrangement by which an online retailer pays commission to an external website, blog and social media channels for traffic or sales generated from its referrals.

In simple words…

Affiliate Marketing is the process of earning a piece of profit by promoting other people’s or company products to others. On each sale of a product, you’ll get a commission as revenue.

It is the relationship between the Advertiser, the Publisher and the Consumer.

Core Players of Affiliate Marketing

Let me explain to you, how affiliate marketing works for individuals (Core Players) who play in this field of marketing.

The Core players who play in this field are- the Affiliates, the Merchant, the Affiliate network and the Consumer.

Parties & players of Affiliate marketing
Parties/Players of Affiliate marketing

The Affiliate

Sometimes, this party is also known as the publisher. The Affiliates can be anyone either an individual or the entire company that promotes the producer or seller products to its customers in a convincing way so that they can purchase those products.

Whenever the consumer makes a purchase from those links on affiliate websites or blogs, then an affiliate gets a portion of revenue on every sale they made.

Its where the marketing came into action. An affiliate promotes one or multiple different products according to their interest and markets those products in an attractive way so that customers must convinced and ready to buy those products.

The Affiliates (Publishers) promotes those products through various platforms such as a blog, websites and social media channels which ultimately helps them to get maximum reach and increase sales.

When affiliates enter into an affiliate market, then this business can produce hundreds of dollars or millions of dollars for them each month in terms of commission.

But the condition is that you have to spend a bit of time to practice the things and understand the process better.

The Merchant

Merchant is known to be a seller, vendor, product creator, the brand, retailer that creates the products or involved in trading activities.

They don’t actively involve in marketing but they sell their products.

The Affiliate Network

This network plays a role as an intermediary or the third party between the affiliates (Publishers) and the merchant affiliate programs.

It helps affiliates to find and participate in affiliate programs more easily according to their interests and also suitable for their website, blogs, and social media channels.

These networks provide a huge list of products from which the affiliate marketer decides which product to promote according to their choice or interests.

For instance: if a marketer chose a washing machine, then he or she will write about various washing machines on their blog or websites.

The Customer

Customer acts as the main part of this program because, without the customer, there is no meant for affiliate marketing or any other marketing.

Whenever the customer or consumer buy products from those affiliates website or blog, then this meant to be the success of an affiliate marketing program.

Whether the customer knows or not, but they are part of the affiliate marketing program.

To sell those products, the affiliates apply some influencing ways to attract customers on their website or blog and convince them to buy those products.

Once the customer successfully purchases products from those affiliate links on publisher’s websites, blogs, and other social media channels, then an affiliate (publisher) earn some passive income on the sale of every product.

The commission or income would vary from products to products, depending on what product you (affiliate) are promoting.

But remember, there are many things involved in this process, you just have to work effectively for the success of your efforts in the affiliate marketing program.

How Affiliate Marketing Works?

Affiliate marketing is that process in which an affiliate promotes the products of E-commerce companies or other peoples on their websites, blogs or other digital marketing platforms and gets a commission on successful selling of each product.

How Affiliate marketing works

I’m gonna explain to you with the example below:

  • Suppose, you as a customer search on google about- best mobile phone of 2020.
  • Google shows you a list of top pages of best mobile phone selling in 2020.
  • You can click on any of the top pages mentioned there and you found your product, then you decide to purchase that product.
  • To purchase that product, you have to click on those affiliate links mention on that blog or website, etc and you have successfully bought that product.
  • After that, an affiliate will get a part of revenue as a commission from the amount that you have paid to buy that product from those affiliate links.

That’s how affiliate marketing works.

How to get started with Affiliate Marketing

Here, I’ve mentioned a step-by-step guide for beginners to understand how to get enrolled with Affiliate marketing:

Step 1 – Choose Your Niche:

I know you think that “what is a niche”.

A niche is the main essence of your website or blog.

In simple words

It means, what your website or blog is about. Niche defines- On what products your website focuses on or what affiliate products you’re selling.

For instance: If you’re a photographer and you start a blog about “Camera”, then the niche of your website is “Camera”.

The most important thing in selecting a niche is to select a profitable niche.

These days, the competition has become increasing day-by-day, so you need a proper strategy in selecting a niche of your blog or website.

The best way to choose your niche is to think about your hobby and passion. All you need to do some comprehensive research on amazon, Flipkart & other e-commerce companies website and also categorized them into what commission you get, competition level, etc. to make your affiliate marketing more profitable.

Following things you need to do to search your niche, which is as follows:

  • First, search for amazon affiliate commission on google, and do this:
    If you’re from a country like the US, then click on this link
    If you’re from India, then click on this link
  • After clicking on those links, a page will open and you’ll get a list of product categories. Check out each product category and their percentage of commission you get.
    For example, let’s take the first product category i.e. “Kindle devices & ebooks” which give you 10% of the commission, that’s how you have to check out all category lists and choose your niche which gives you a high percentage of commission.
  • Then select the category on which you want to work, but remember to choose those categories which give you a high percentage rate of commission.
    For example:
    In the given picture below, “Kindle devices & e-books” give you a 10% rate of commission and “Watches” gives you a 9% rate of commission.
Amazon product catagory list

That’s how you have to choose your product category.

Step 2 – Need a Plan

Secondly, you have to make some plan’s about how you’re going to manage your time from the work you are actively doing.

All you need to do proper time management between your full-time work and your new affiliate marketing business. Because at this stage you to learn and explore so many things about affiliate marketing.

You have to make strategies about- how many posts you’re going to write per week for getting huge traffic, which ultimately helps your website to rank high.

Because many peoples fail to make plans and they stop doing affiliate marketing.

All you need to make proper plans, put some effort and time management to make your affiliate marketing program successful.

Step 3 – Create a Website or Blog

These days, it is not difficult to make a website or blog. If you didn’t know anything about coding.

No Problem. Because…

There are so many tools & technologies available where you can make and design your website more easily if you don’t even know anything about a single line of code.

Tools like Word-press, and many other tools allow you to make a website within a few minutes and start affiliate marketing.

By making attractive landing pages on your website, you can engage with a huge audience as much as you can.

But again, I want to tell you that, you have to spend a bit of time understanding the various aspects of Affiliate marketing to make this program successful.

Step 4 – Keyword Research

Keyword research for affiliate marketing is extremely important because it allows your website to rank high and also helps audiences to find your content organically on search engines.

If your blog or website won’t appear on search engines, then all your efforts are of no value.

That’s why keyword research is most important for you to rank your website/blog. Use the right keywords in your content, social media promotions, so that your website gets ranked on the first page of search engines and you’ll get a high volume of traffic which ultimately increase your sales.

After creating a website, all you need to do is writing posts about the products that you’re offering. So, customers can land on your page and see what products you’re selling on your website.

If you want to rank your website on the top of search engine results, then you have to research for low competitive keywords and work on it.

Because low competitive keywords are ranked fast and easily on search engines but surely, need some efforts, research, and proper utilization of those keywords in your content.

Remember, proper SEO of Posts you are writing, allows your website or blog to rank high and boost up traffic on your website which also improves your conversion rate and gets more sales.

For keyword research, all you need to take the following steps. Let’s understand below:

  1. Let’s say, your affiliate website is about “Best watches for men”.
  2. For keyword research, you’ll need to type “best watches for men” in google search.
  3. Google will show the top results on the first page of the search result. Click on the first result and copy the URL.
  4. Paste that URL on, keyword planner or the tool like Ubersuggest then click on search.
  5. If you type that URL on Ubersuggest, you’ll get a list of results, then go to top pages and search for that article you have shown in the search results.
  6. Then click on view all and you will get all the keywords that particular site or blog uses.
  7. For more keyword ideas, also you can search on google about what people search for, their preferences, etc.
  8. You’ve to use those keywords in your article, social media promotions so that your website gets ranked on top of the search engine results and you’ll get more sales & traffic.
  9. Always remember, eliminate high competitive keywords and search for low competitive keywords for your content. So, your blog & website get ranked easily and in a shorter period.

Step 5 – Write SEO Friendly Article

In this step, you need to write SEO friendly articles. SEO friendly articles allow search engines to understand easily, what your articles are about.

So, your articles get ranked on top of search engines easily and help in driving tons of traffic on your website.

Here’s a list that tells you about how to make your content SEO friendly:

Search engines love SEO friendly content because it’s easy for crawlers to understand, what your content is about and what useful information you’re providing to readers.

To make the article SEO friendly, you all need to do the following:

  • Think and Plan before writing: Before writing an article, think carefully, what message you want to give to your audiences? What is the purpose of your article? What are your audiences? What information will a user get from your article? Does the information is useful for users or not? Does your article is going to be that article what the users looking for? How your article will help your audiences?

    You need to think about every aspect of your audiences and make plans & write according to it.
  • Use Proper Title for the blog post: Always write the proper title of your blog post by using keywords in it. So, it will be easier for search engines to understand that your content is about this topic and search engines always prefer to rank those articles which will be easier to understand. The greatest benefit of writing a proper title is that the audiences will know exactly, on what topic you’re going to talk about in your article.
  • Use Headlines and Sub-headers: Using Proper headlines like h1, h2, h3 h4, etc, in your article do many things for SEO optimization.

    So, the readers will know what the paragraph is about and the most important thing is that, people likely to share those articles that are detailed, easier to read and understand.

    Search engine robots or crawler at the time of crawling, also follow the same thing. When the crawlers crawl your website, they’ll identify your headlines and use it to understand what your content is about, which allows search engines to crawl your website/blog easily without any hurdles.
  • Use Short-Paragraphs: Always remember that, your audience won’t want to read long paragraphs, they always look for shorter and simple content to read.

    Because users sometimes feel bored to read long paragraphs. So, always write short paragraphs about 3-4 lines, which looks more interesting and informative to read.
  • Optimized the length of your article: The best article in affiliate marketing is that which provides detailed information about the product so that the customers will know everything about the product by reading your blog posts.

    The article should be more than 1500 words that give useful and every information so that your audience will get converted into a customer and also your website gets high ranking and sales.

    Because from the last few years, Google gives priority to the longer and higher quality content that is informative and useful for readers.

    Write quality content in which you mention everything about the product like its features, designs, pros, and cons & everything that makes your website unique and informative for peoples.

    Your purpose is to provide better quality content to the users in the best possible manner. So that, whenever peoples buy products online, they prefer to land directly on your website to get better and trustful information.
  • Links to Your Content: If you’ve already written on the same content and related posts before, you can link these posts together. So, it is easier for your audience to directly land on the other pages of your website or blog from the same page.

    Also, at the time of crawling your website, crawlers will find that your post is interconnected with other posts then the search engine gives priority to your content which ultimately helps your website to rank higher.
  • Optimize your images: Images make your content more engaging, interesting and shareable. Sometimes, people feel bored to continuously read those articles which don’t have any images and gifs.

    So, using images on your blog post is a great way to engage with your audiences. Make sure you optimized the size of images before using on your posts and also write proper alt text for images so that search engines rank your website easily.

    You can compress your images in or any other website because google loves lighter images and it also takes less time to load your website page on search engines.
  • Write Descriptions: Use keywords while writing descriptions of your website posts, so that google will find your website or blog become more easily and ultimately helps your website to rank high and get huge traffic.

    Descriptions help your audience to determine what your website or blog post is all about. That’s why you have to write a description in such a way so that it tells your audience what product your blog or website is about. What product you’re selling.

    This will add more value to your site. And Google thinks that your website is valuable and ultimately the site ranked higher and helps your site to get qualified leads for you.

  • Add Content on a regular basis: Adding content on your website or blog regularly tells search engines that your website is alive and if it is not an active website, then the crawler doesn’t crawl it regularly, so it might de-ranked your website.

Make sure, you always write valuable, useful and high-quality content, so that your website will rank higher plus get tons of qualified leads.

Those above steps are some basic aspects of SEO which allows you to optimize your content so that Search engines give more priority to your website & it will rank higher and visible to audiences on the top of search pages which allows your website to get huge organic traffic.

Step 6 – Drive Visitors on Your Website

After writing SEO friendly articles on your website, now its time to drive traffic (Visitors) on your website where you have your product affiliate links.

There are two major ways to get traffic i.e. Organic (Free) Traffic and Paid Traffic.

Free traffic includes those visitors who land on your webpage from Google search and Paid visitors are those who land on your page through your paid advertisements.

I would suggest you go for an organic way to get traffic on your website by social sharing and proper SEO because you are a beginner in this field, you need to get some experience that how affiliate marketing work for you. After getting some expertise, if you think that, strategies work well for your website and you get sales, then you can go for paid traffic.

How to Create Amazon Affiliate Account (Step-By-Step)

Before creating an Amazon Affiliate account, you need to write 8 to 10 SEO friendly articles on your website or blog because if you’re applying to become an Amazon affiliate through Amazon associates, your application will not be approved by Amazon, if you don’t have 8 or 10 articles on your website.

So, I would suggest you, do proper keyword research & apply those keywords to make your articles SEO friendly, also get some traffic on your site before applying to the amazon affiliate account.

Following are the steps mentioned below to become an Amazon Affiliate:

Step 1: To create an Amazon Associate Account, you need to visit Amazon associate homepage.
If you’re from the country like the U.S.A, you need to visit this link-
If you’re from INDIA, you need to visit this link-

Step 2: After clicking on those links, you are re-directed to Amazon associate homepage and then click on “Join now for free”.

Join affiliate program

Step 3: After that, you’ll be prompted to the login screen. If you’ve an existing account then you can log in directly with it but, if you don’t have then you can create a new one by simply clicking on “Create your Amazon account”.

Amazon affiliate login page

Step 4: In the account section, you’ve to fill all the details like your name, email, password, etc, then click on “Create your Amazon account” and you’ll get an OTP on your Email. Enter that OTP and you’ll move further to the next step.

Amazon create account

Step 5: In this step, the Account information screen will be open and you’ve to fill up all the details like payee name and other fields that are shown on the screen.

Amazon account section

Step 6: After the fifth step, you’ll move to the next section i.e. “Website and Mobile app list”, where you’ve to write a list of websites and mobile app URLs on which you want to display ads from Amazon Associates. For example:

Amazon affiliate URL app

Step 7: Now in this step, you’ve to enter your preferred Store id (such as your primary website name) and you’ve to explain – what your website or app is about in this section.

Amazon affiliate profile

Step 8: In the traffic and monetization section, you’ll have to enter all the details about – from where you’re going to drive traffic on your website.

Amazon associate traffic

Step 9: In this step, you have to choose your payment method, you can also choose your payment method later as well if you want. Now, proceed to your dashboard.

Amazon affiliate monetiztion

Step 10: From your dashboard, you can create Amazon Affiliate links and also you can check your performance which includes earnings, total clicks, conversion rates and also get the monthly reports.

Amazon affiliate dashboard

You can create product affiliate links from your dashboard and also you can check how your content is performing on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, which ultimately helps you to understand what improvements you need to do to get high engagement, sales, and ranking.

How To Create Amazon Affiliate Links

I’ve explained below that how you’ve to create amazon affiliate links for your affiliate website:

  1. If you’re from the US, then you have to open
    If you’re from INDIA, then you have to open
    And now, login with your Amazon Associate Account.
  2. You’ll see a bar at the top left corner which is called Amazon Associate Site Stripe.
  3. For creating links, you need to search for products according to “Your niche and what your website is about” and now click on that product. For example, You search for the iPhone on Amazon search-bar and the list of iPhones shown there. Now, you have to click on iPhone for which you want the affiliate link.
  4. Then you have to click on the “Text” button which is along with Amazon Site Stripe.
  5. Now you’ll see two options “Short link” and “Full link”. You need to click on a short link and copy that link. Also, you can embed the image in different sizes i.e. small, medium and large, etc.
  6. After generating links, you can add those links to your Amazon affiliate website, blogs, social media, etc.

Make sure that you have to write an article that should be SEO friendly and optimized so that your website gets ranked on the top of search engine results and you’ll get huge traffic & sales.

Now, there’s a most important question that arises among peoples about “why they get banned from the “amazon associate account” So, I will explain step-by-step below which help you to avoid getting banned.

How not to get banned from Amazon Associate Account

Most of the peoples get banned from the Amazon affiliate account. The main reason for getting banned is that they don’t follow the terms and conditions of the Amazon Affiliate Program.

To avoid getting banned, you’ll need to do the followings:

  • First, you’ve to make at least 3 qualifying sales from your amazon associate account within 180 days of signing up.
  • Never use product images of Amazon.
  • Do not shorten or cloaking the links provided by Amazon. Because Amazon wants to check that “from where they get traffic”. That’s why you don’t have to shorten or cloak the links by using Bitly or other link shortening websites. If you do then you’ll get banned easily.
  • You’re not allowed to put amazon affiliate links in E-book or pdf documents.
  • You’re not allowed to use your affiliate links to encourage your family members, friends and colleagues to use those links. If you and your family use those links to make a purchase, then it is the short way to get your account banned easily.
  • You’re not allowed to encourage visitors on your website to click on affiliate links by using simple terms like “purchase by using our affiliate link”. If you do this then you’ll get banned easily.
    So, be natural and don’t be pushy or artificial. Just be natural.
  • You’re not allowed to post any of the customer reviews, star ratings or anything from Amazon website to your website.
  • Avoid sharing those Affiliate links on social media without knowing the rules of Amazon. There are few rules of amazon which you’ve to follow for sharing links on social media.
    I suggest you check out full Amazon associate policies or agreements to avoid getting banned.

My recommendation for you to first create a website, write SEO friendly articles, add content on your website and once you start getting traffic on your website/blog then you should apply for Amazon Associate Account.

Why Affiliate Marketing?

  1. It’s a cheap business for you.
  2. You don’t have to produce products because someone has already done that.
  3. You just have to create your website and start making money.
  4. All affiliate programs are free.
  5. You simply have to sell amazon products and get revenue.
  6. Flexible work schedule – In the beginning, you have to spend time but once your business is on the right track, you can work according to your schedule. Because in the beginning, you have to explore things, learn skills in SEO and techniques, that’s why you have to spend a bit of time to learn those skills.
  7. You don’t have to sell the product face-to-face. You don’t have to tell features, benefits and other things of products because your website does all these things for you.
  8. Passive Income – You can earn from affiliate marketing while you’re sleeping or with your daytime job. You just need to spend a bit of time to start this business, setting up a website, content writing and then you get income even when you’re not online all the time because your website works for you 24/7.

List of Top Affiliate Programs


Affiliate Marketing is a great way to earn income online. You can earn income even while you’re sleeping.

But it is true that you need to spend time, in the beginning, to understand the things and get mastery in it.

In the initial stage of this business, you’ve to put the effort into writing up SEO friendly articles, choosing your niche, making websites, etc to get success in this field.

Making website and writing article is not a big deal but need to do proper SEO and optimization which helps your website to get ranked on top of search engine results and ultimately you get traffic & more sales. Once you’ve done this, you’ll get success in this field.

So, you just have to spend some time to understand – how to work with affiliate marketing and need the patience to get better results.

I hope, this article helps you to understand affiliate marketing. If you’ve some suggestions and you think that some improvements are needed in this article, please let me know. It will really help me to make this place better for you to learn.

I really want you to learn something amazing from here.

Really thankful to you to be here 😊

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