SEO Tools: 5 Best Free Tools (For 2020)

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In this Guide, I am going to discuss with you about the top 5 Free SEO Tools because,

According to the research, 95 percent of web traffic goes to those sites that are only rank on the first page of Google.

And the thing is…

If you have a blog or website, then you definitely want to rank on the #1 Page of Google, so that you’ll get huge organic traffic or qualified leads on your website/blog.

It is true that Google loves SEO so it needs proper search engine optimization (SEO) on your site to rank you higher in the top 10 results.

For SEO, you need those tools that help you to optimize your site and allow you to understand what are the weak points and the performance of your site.

SEO tools will let you know about your competitor’s keywords, backlinks and everything that you need to rank for.

Those tools allow you to improve the performance of your site so that you’ll get rank well on the first page of Google or any other search engine.

Let’s get started…

Google Search Console

google search console

Google Search Console (GSC) also known as Google webmaster tool is a free platform or service provided by Google to monitor and maintain the performance of your site.

It will let you know everything about how your website or blog performs on Google search engine and also you’ll be able to check whether your site is present on Google or not and how it looks likes on search engines.

This tool allows you to check whether a specific URL on your site indexed or rank by Google or not and also it will let you know about how each page of your site performs on Google.

You can check the performance of your site by clicking on the Performance tab. It will let you know the Total clicks, Total impressions, Average CTR (Click-Through-Rate) and Average position of your site/blog.

Search console allows you to submit a sitemap of your site and also you can fix crawls errors & it gives you a full report about search traffic and what queries are users searched for to land on your site.

It will let you know about- from which countries or cities your website receives traffic so that you can optimize your blog or site to make it more visible to search engines in different other countries or cities.

Unlike many SEO tools Google Search Console hold the following benefits:

  • It will let you know about those keywords that you’re ranking for.
  • Help you to fix indexing errors and allow you to re-index a new or updated content.
  • Help you to determine which websites are linking to your site.
  • Will alert you when Google encounters any problem related to indexing errors, spam, and other issues that your site face.
  • It will help you to find out if any broken link present on your site.
  • It will let you know how many backlinks your site has.

Official Website:

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a website analytics tool offered by Google to track and report you the full information about where the traffics comes to your site.

It gives you a report about the real-time traffics on your site or blog.

It will let you know everything about how many total users land on your site daily and how many new users comes to your site and much more.

From Google analytics, you can also get a report about- from which part of the world users land on your site and where your site is more visible and so many things you can do.

In acquisition section, go to search console and click on landing pages.

This will bring you the list of those pages on your site that get more attraction, impression, and clicks.

So, you can do changes and improvements to make your pages more visible & valuable to both search engines & users so that you’ll rank higher and also get more organic traffic.

Benefits of Google Analytics:

  • Determine what kind of first impression your site makes on your users.
  • It will let you know where the traffic comes from on your site or blog.
  • It will let you know about – for what keywords you’re ranking for.
  • The audience section provides full information about the people who visited your website like their age, interests, gender, location, and devices, etc.
  • Google Analytics gives you a list of social media platform from where your website or blog get more traffic. So that you can optimize those social media platforms to attract more new users to your site.
    This helps you to know which platform works more for you and what you need to do to get more attention from other platforms.
  • With Google Analytics, you can check what pages of your site get more attention so that you can create content related to it.

Official Website:

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner gkp

Google Keyword Planner (GKP) is a free SEO tool included in Google Ads.

Google designed this tool so that you can find the right keywords for your Google Ads campaign.

You can use those keywords in your blog or website to get rank well on Google.

It gives you full information about keyword competition rate (high or low), Average monthly searches for that keyword, Page bidding, etc.

If you don’t want to spend any penny on any ads, no problem because you can turn-off those ads in Google Ads so that you can find the right keywords for your blog article or website content to rank higher in search engines result pages (SERP) effectively in a short time.

Keyword Planner will show you both short-tail or long-tail keywords with low or high competition value.

You need to pick low competitive keywords to rank easily and high on Google to get more attention from users.

Official Website:

Google Trends

Google trends

Google Trends is a dynamic website provided by Google that shows the popular search terms according to your topic about what the world is searching for.

It shows the top searches that are frequently searched by the peoples around the globe within the chosen category, country, and region.

If you want to find topic ideas for your website or blog posts and YouTube videos then this is the best tool for you.

For example:-

If you want to create a blog post or YouTube videos related to Digital marketing, then you need to type digital marketing in the search bar and it will show the country, time and category wise results as shown in the figure below:

google trends search
google trends categories

It will also show you the top most popular search queries related to your topic that the world is searching for as shown in figure below:

google trends search queries

You can use these queries in your content to make your content SEO friendly so that Google finds it and rank your page in a fast way.

Official Website:

Answer the Public

answer the public

Answer the Public is a keyword tool that represents the searched data in a nice visual way which includes all those queries, questions and suggestions that people are searched for, around the globe.

It includes all those categories that people are searching in the form of what, when, why, how, are, which, will, can and who.

There are around 3.2 billion searches everyday on Google. Those searches includes all those queries and questions that people are searching for a solution to their problems in the form of what, when, how, as I told above.

You need to type your keyword in Answer the Public and it gives you a list of long-tail-keywords about what people are searching for related to your query.

You can use those long-tail-keywords in your website or blog to make it SEO-friendly and also it ultimately helps your site to rank higher on Google and also make it more visible to users on the web.

Official Website:


Now, its time for you to use those SEO free tools and make your website/blog SEO-Friendly so that you can make it more visible to search engines which means you’ll get huge organic traffic on your site.

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