6 Actionable Strategies to Get More Traffic on Your Blog

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Top 6 strategies to get more traffic on blogs

Today I am going to make a bet with you that if you’re going to apply these strategies on your blog then definitely you get huge traffic on your blog.

It’s true that, if you’ve a new blog, you really want qualified traffic on your blog.


On our blogs, we share our knowledge, ideas, thoughts, experiences, and useful information so that our readers can learn from us whatever we share.

That’s why as a blogger, we work hard to get qualified search traffic.

But many of you fail to do and give up.

Don’t kill your blog. Instead, make some strategies and apply it on your blog so that you’ll get qualified and reliable search traffic.

In this article, I am going to share 6 actionable strategies with you that I used to increase my blog’s traffic day by day.

Here’s what you’re going to learn :

  • Proper Keyword Research
  • High-Quality Content
  • Write Catchy Headlines
  • Visualize Your Content
  • Write on Trendy Topics in Your Niche
  • Write SEO-Friendly Content

Let’s get started…

Proper Keyword Research

Keyword Research is the first-ever strategy that every blogger does for their blog,

If you don’t know about how to search for those keywords that brings you tons of traffic on your site,

Then, you need to learn how to research keywords because it is the process of finding those words and phrases that allows you to optimize your content in such a way that helps you to rank your blog on the top of search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and various others.

Keyword Research is the first step in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies because it guides you to:

  • Find content topics for your blog on which you’re going to write.
  • Find what words and phrases are used by peoples to search for.
  • Find the latest trendy topics for your blog.
  • Find data about how many people are searching for that topic.

Keyword research gives a way to understand what queries the target audiences use to find your content, products, and services.

You can use those words and queries in your content to make it more visible to search engines like Google which ultimately helps you to get tons of organic traffic on your site.

But at the time of searching keywords for your blog, you need to choose low competitive keywords so that your blog posts can easily rank on Google and various other search engines.

Because highly competitive keywords take huge time and also its really difficult for them to rank on search engines. That’s why you’ve to choose and put low competitive and long-tail keyword in your content to rank better & faster on search engines.

High Quality Content

Quality Content should be unique, attractive, engaging and of high quality. It is true that “content is the King” because it drives traffic for you.

You need to write those content that must be readable so that users can easily understand what he or she is going to read and learn from you.

Let me ask you a one thing…

Why user search their query on the web?

Because user look for a solution to solve their problem and the objective of quality content is to solve the problem of users on the web.

The quality content should be those that must be able to engage users and motivate them to read until the end of the post and also encourage them to navigate other pages of that particular blog.

To engage with users on your blog, you need to write those content that must be deeper than your competitor’s content. It means, your content should have each and every detail about those topics on which you’re going to write.

Also, you need to put illustrations and images in your content to make it more interesting and understandable to your user.

Here are few qualities that make your content great :

  • Write catchy and strong headlines that attract the attention of users so that you’ll get organic traffic on your blog.
  • Link to the other posts of your blog so that peoples can easily navigate to those posts.
  • Keep your content short and informative.
  • Update your content regularly so that your user will get updated on the latest information.
  • Your content needs to be original. It should be yours only, it means you’ve to put that information in your article that no one has mentioned in their posts ever before so that your user will get something new and useful from your post.
  • If your content has grammatical errors, your user may think twice whether he or she is going to read your article fully or not or move to someone other’s blog. So, you need to write content that would be free from grammatical errors & other misspelled words and that content is called quality content.

Write Eye-Catchy Title Tag

We all invest huge time in writing our blog posts but it’s true that Title Tags are the most neglected part of writing content. Most peoples do not spend much time creating catchy titles.

If you want your blog posts to perform well on search engines and drive more traffic to your blog, you need to create catchy and powerful titles for every single post of your blog.

Because title becomes the first step to attract the attention of users and encourage them to click and invite on your blog posts.

To make your title catchy you need to put keywords and also use some modifiers like what, why, when, which, how, win, prize, and numbers to make your title tag-powerful, convincing & catchy.

Your title should have to be convincing and need to have an ability to invite users on your blog.

It means, if your user feels that your content is going to solve his problem by reading your title then he/she will surely land on your blog.

So, you need to put some time & effort to create those catchy titles that ultimately help you to get huge traffic and also will help you to rank your blog higher on search engines.

Here, I am going to discuss with you some examples of powerful titles that connect with human emotions & motivate them to click on those blog articles :

  1. Why don’t you get much traffic on your website or blog?
  2. Free SEO tools that help your blog or website to rank well on Google.
  3. 7 easy steps to get qualified sales lead.
  4. Easy ways to earn money from home.
  5. 5 ways to improve your memory.
  6. How Marketing works for businesses.
  7. How Digital marketing helps your business to grow faster.
  8. 5 Proven Tips to create a blog post like a pro.

The above mentioned are a few examples of catchy titles that attract the attention of users.

Use numbers in your titles to make it more clickable because number attracts the attention of the human mind and motivate them to click on it.

Also, several studies have shown that titles with numbers tend to generate 73% more traffic than social shares and engagement.

Therefore, you need to spend a bit of time to make your title catchy, attractive, and compelling so that your user wants to click on your content and land directly on your blog post.

Visualize Your Content

Text in blog posts has always been a great way to provide information and sharing knowledge with the audiences. But now your audience is looking for some visualizations in blog posts to grab and remember more & more information easily and quickly.

The reason behind is…

Sometimes while reading long blog posts audience feels bored to read continuously. So, you need to include visual components in your content to make your blog posts more engaging and interesting to read.

Visual components include Infographics, Charts, Graphs, Images, Videos, Illustrations, Screenshots, and GIFs.

By incorporating Images, Infographics, and videos in your content, you make it easier for your users to absorb more information easily.

Because a picture is worth a thousand words. It means a picture will convey information & idea more quickly than the written content. Also, it makes it easier for users to remember those images with information.

Visualizations makes your content more interesting and it hold user on your blog & motivate them to read your content and navigate to others pages of your blog.

And, this will help your blog to rank on the top of search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc and ultimately you will get huge traffic on your blog in terms of qualified leads.

Write on Trendy Topics in Your Niche

You need to write on those topics in your niche that are quickly searched by peoples according to the trend. If you want to maximize traffic on your blog then you have to take care about your audience.

You have to search for those topics that are in trend so that you can write on those trending topics and make your blog searchable.

Because Google continuously monitor trends and rank those blogs on the top that contains those trendy topics which are mostly searched by peoples.

For example:

These days the most searchable thing on Google is Coronavirus or Covid-19.

If you have a blog related to “Diseases” that tells symptoms, causes, cure, and remedies of various diseases then you can write a post on Covid-19 that tells about its symptoms, ways to prevent, natural remedies to keep the immune system strong and much more, etc.

So, you’ve to search and write on those trendy topics according to your niche that makes your blog easily searchable by the audiences.

Write SEO-Friendly Content

Google Loves SEO. Search Engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo prefer those websites or blogs that are SEO-Friendly & provide solutions to the problem of users.

Content is a great way to engage with users on your site and the more & more people stay on your site, the higher Google will rank it.

So, you need to create your content in such a way that it helps search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing to rank your site higher.

Although some marketers and bloggers think that they need to stuff keyword in their blog or site to rank higher. But they need to understand that the aim of the content is to educate your reader and provide the right information so they engage with your content.

But if you stuff keywords on your page then the purpose of your content will not be fulfilled and your blog or site fails to engage with your users.

You need to put keywords in your content in a natural way so that it helps your content to rank well on search engines.


To make your blog clickable, you need to put some efforts and make your content interesting for your users to read. You need to fill your content with visualizations so that users will understand easily about what information you want to convey.

You need to write those content by keeping in mind what users want to read and what would be the most searchable things according to your niche on Google. So your blog would be most searchable and rank on the top of search engine result pages (SERP).

I hope these strategies will help you to get huge traffic on your blog. I am going to update with new strategies that i am going to apply on my own blog. Till then stay connected and stay tuned.

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